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High Performance cementitious non-shrinking grout



DENKA PRETASCOM TYPE 1-R is a pre-mixed non-shrinking mortar for grout with excellent fluidity and filling performance even at high temperature.
PRETASCON brings forth perfect grouting by prevention of void and bleeding.
The curing completes with in only 1-3days and its high durability lasts long.
Quick and easy preperation is the strong point of PRETASCON TYPE 1-R
After added water and stirred, PRETASCON is ready to use as non-shrinking grout.
There is no need for void formation.
Its workability and permanence surely saves time and money.

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We were founded in 1901 in front of Tokyo Station by Tetsugoro Yabuhara as "Yabuhara Shoten (Yabuhara Store)". The location being one of the factors, a construction material store has been established to become what we are today.
Since foundation, we have been subsisted by two principles of the management i.e. "Solidity" and "Fortitude". They were derived from the spirit of our founder's motto -- "Luck, Steadfastness, and Patience". These credos have been kept over generations and keep breathing amongst us today.
Our company originates its business in the traditional wall plastering cultivated from time immemorial, the old world of Japanese custom in wood and mud walling. We have been able to conduct our business over 110 years. Our sincere appreciation goes to the customers and suppliers who have consistently stayed supportive of us all these years.
We wish for your unremitting prosperity and look for your continual relation with us.
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